“Not I”, “Equilibrium”, “Behavioural Mask”, “Missed Train-Analysis”, 2014/15,video installations,drawings,

“Not I”
series 2014/2015:
“Equilibrium” drawing on a wall, 2014
“Behavioural Mask” 1997/2014 video-performance,
“Missed Train-Analysis”, 2014 video film

Kasia Kujawska-Murphy, "Not I" series: "Equilibrium" 2014, Municipal Gallery BWA, Katowice Pl
“Not I”, “Equilibrium” drawing on a wall, 2014

2014/2015 • “Not I” The International Exhibition of Contemporary Art,
- “Not I” series: “Equilibrium” 2014
-”Behavioural Mask” 1997/2014
- “Missed Train-Analysis”
• BWA (Municipal Gallery) Katowice, Poland;
• Dzyga Gallery, Lviv Ukraine;
• Site Specific Galleries, Scilia, Sicily;

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