Not I series: “Missed Train – Analysis”, “Equilibrium”, “Behavioural Mask”, 2014/2015

“Not I” series 2014/2015:
“Equilibrium”, drawing on a wall, 2014
“Behavioural Mask”, video-performance,  1997/2014
“Missed Train-Analysis”, video-projection, sound, 2014

BWA (Municipal Gallery) Katowice, Poland; 2014
• Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine; 2015
• Site Specific Galleries, Scicly, Sicily, Italy; 2015
Kasia Kujawska-Murphy, "Not I" series: "Equilibrium" 2014, Municipal Gallery BWA, Katowice Pl


Samuel Beckett asks about the meaning of human life,  personal drama in a context of Civilization, Time and Place. Drama “Not I” refers to existential questions about a woman. It says about a mechanical life of a woman who thought that was punished by God. Without asking for a reason she knows she neither does suffer nor feels pleasure in life. The woman believes she has something important to say.

Life and meaning of a human is dependent on culture and religion.  Yet the meaning of a woman is disproportionately varied depending on the place she lives in. In the Western world the role of women is well recognized. The struggle for equality is focused on the problem of men’s decision about women, which  mainly includes the right to lead equal carrier,  to have right whether to choose or not  motherhood and credibility of women in the field between career and family.
The issue of the modern woman does not concern you? The project aims to demonstrate that all of us are involved in this contemporary essential aspect and talking about women’s myths and truths apply to you, affect the functioning of the world. A dream of unraveling the vapor taboo could improve the functioning of all of us. What is the freedom of women in theocratic countries? Tools and methods of women can be irrational sometimes in struggle to win freedom.
Access to education for women, the rights for freedom, political decisions, moral and religious decisions is also our problem. The whole world is aware of the existence of Shirin Neshat’s art.
We can not say that we know anything about the world different than “ours”. These days we are in a fortunate position of relative equality in the Western world.
At the same time in this legally secure Western world the position of women being able to decide about themselves and being respected is not clearly obvious. How many there are outstanding artists among women, as Marina Abramowic , Shirin Neshat? If Katarzyna Kobro were a man, would she keep her artworks?
The project pays attention on presenting the problems and consequences of gender imbalance in the world. The relative lack of taboo in the Western world and at the same time  absence of basic rights, including women’s education, at different altitude of the world.  The project questions the myth of equality of women and men, asks about the necessity of making life choices between home and work, finally asks why artistic discourse about women is so important.
Talking about a valuable in demonstrating the importance of the Central European contribution to culture. For many years, Central Europe under communism was absent from the political map or marginalized; yet after all the period of European Romanticism, which highly valued the nation and nationality, Communism was a disaster for posterity. The students that I teach have a chance to make many of us realize that the world is more homogeneous than we think, that our life plans and dreams do not differ depending on gender, race and religion and that they have little changed since the times of Lascaux. I believe that it will be forte benefit of all of us.
The place of a woman in society, her psycho-biological nature and the developmentof libido in the field of moral and political issues, according to a stereotypic scheme
based on a theory of Freud, is predetermined due to the typically female propensity
to masochism, and men’s propensity to sadism. Anatomy is a woman’s destiny.

Freud himself in his work ‘Civilization and its Discontents’ said that the social position
of women is lower – which is justified in a theory of instincts as life and death and
that leads to the normative systems of the contemporary civilization (patriarchal),
such as law, morality, religion, the dominant customs. These systems reflect men’s
interests and aspirations.

In fact – the thing is about the ‘great clash of ideas’.
The fear of being absorbed by the mind of another person is actually the fear of
oneself. Masks we put on allow us to fulfill and assume different roles in life.


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