“Inner State”, 2012

Inner State

“Inner State” 2012, drawing installation, video projections,
a print of a world map  by Ottavio Pissarri (1612)

2012 •BGSW (Baltic Contemporary Art Centre) Slupsk, Pl

Part of the project is a video projection:
The video it is a record of taking off the plane. The video
track is presented in two seqences: in a normal
way and then upside-down. Loop.
It was a part of an installation using a map of the
world from 1612 by Ottavio Pissarri.
The escalated map was in acompany of the same
massive size of a circle with blue aura pained on an
opposite wall.
The installation had a note exposed on a wall saying
that the pretty signs on the sky are actually CO2 and
that I took part in damaging the ecology by flying
and burning 21 000 kg of CO2.
The reason of that is that I live and work in two different
countries (live in the UK and work in Poland)
and every week have been flying twice since 6 years.
The art work represents the limbo I am in.