Behavioural Mask

“Behavioral Mask” 1997/2014

behavioral mask

“Behavioral Mask” 1997/2014 video-performance, based on dubbing a different text from original confession. The contradicting emotions of the dubbed text and original confession represent roles people play in life.

2014 • ”Not I” Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art BWA, Katowice Pl



The performance considers psychological aspects of
everyone’s behavioral masks, pretending, etc..
The manipulation is very simple: the artist used
dubbing over the original text, like in films at cinemas
or television.
The original text was considering real life problems,
so the expression of the face was adequate upset and
The text which was recorded over is rather light and
funny; comes from a fairy tale about the Princess
on the Pea. It says about the possibility to get
The character of the video is absurd and surreal
bbecause of the diversity between the body language
and spoken message.

Here is the text spoken over the original
sound track:

„I am 16th daughter of 17th prince.
I do not go to parties and balls.
I want to go back to my dolls.
My house is a forest castle.
I do sing songs there.
4 fleet goats delivered me here.
My coach is made of a nut shells.
I dance nights and days there.
One, who will catch my person
He might become my husband…”


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