“Watt” by S. Beckett, read by Jack Emery (1965);
video: Kasia Kujawska-Murphy 2015

Diane Arbus – Documentry. Interviews in Westbeth NYC 2016

“Inner State”, video 2012;

“Behavioural Mask”, 1997/2014; 

“Inner State. Missed Train”, 2014;

“Up-Side-Down”, 2000; part of an installation
“Falling Horizons” (Berlin, Hannover)

“Mind the Connection, Please”, 2005; part of an installation

“Nothing”, 2004 Osaka, Japan

stills of video films

The films „Watt” and „Nothing” (2015) aim to present the process of science, psychology and sociology in a collaborative and participatory way, bringing the public into contact with science through artistic interrogation. The productions ask whether the fear is irrational, or maybe it’s an evolutional tool. Social psychology in art based on such books like Erich Fromm in “Escape from Freedom” as well as in “Neuritis of our times” by Karen Horney. Social psychology shows how historical eras imply altogether with fears different civilizational values. The films „Watt” refferes to a novel by Samuel Beckett and uses a chapter from the book read by famous British actor Jack Emery (1965). The text is very significant and the video relates to the message.

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